2 Quick things

swatch c

I’ve cast on for a purely me project – can you guess what it is? The pattern calls for Softspun – which I chose as my MC – but I’m using Regal instead for CC1 and CC2. I might jabber on about the changes I’m making if anybody’s interested (for both fit and personal taste).

Contest Update:

As much as it saddens me, I had to give up on 559 – perhaps somebody threw away their ticket, not realizing how close they were to baby alpaca joy.

So, I picked a new number (1214), which ended up being Christina in Montana – one of the customers and newsletter subscribers. Her response: ‘are you serious?’…

  • meppybn

    Congrats Christina! (tho’ secretly a jellyfish) – and would love your jabber on changes 🙂 Maybe a yoked cardi??

  • Lyn

    Is it Corcovado? I just started a swatch/sleeve today, and I also went with a dark MC, and lighter CCs. Your combos very pretty!

  • Looks like a Carol Feller to me. Corcovado?