A new dress

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Here’s one of the projects I haven’t gotten to writing about yet – a new dress for Oona. She needed something to wear for a school dance and we both found the RTW options kind of dreary – too many ruffles and mini skirts. And not a pocket in sight.

So, we dug through the pattern stash and came up with Vogue 1236. Perfect – the pleats at the neckline enliven an otherwise super simple shape and it has side seam pockets (I think that all skirts and dresses should have pockets. Oona agrees). None of the fabric on hand suited princess, but we soon found a nice cotton from Fabric Mart for all of $4 a yard. I ended up buying 2.5 yards and there’s plenty left for a skirt.

1236 3

I often come across someone who tells me they wish they could sew – if you do and you’re serious, this dress is a great project for you. The only alteration to the pattern was to raise the neckline about 2cm as per Oona’s request. This did shorten the dress overall (I hadn’t bothered with a muslim), but she’s 15 – she ought to show a least a little leg, no? As it stands, the hem is a couple of inches above her knee caps.

1236 2

More projects coming up!

  • OOOooo! The fabric suits the dress beautifully! Having one of a kind outfits, especially in high school, is AWESOME!

  • Perfect storm of pattern and fabric, nicely done!

  • Superbe ! Je prends le patron en note 🙂

  • It’s beautiful. I have an issue with sewing, to the point where I try to make most of my knitted garments as seamless as possible. I keep thinking that I need to haul the old sewing machine in to be cleaned and gone over, find a pattern, get the materials, and just make something. This dress looks like it might just be the piece that gets me over the hump.

  • Jo

    I like your and Oona’s taste. Very classy. I just spent the weekend adding wide straps to a strapless dress for my 16-year-old for a dance. She was very happy that I have some sewing skills. Why do the RTW companies assume that all teenage girls want to look like skanks? Most girls would just like to look pretty.

  • I agree with Jo’s comment entirely. My daughter, Isabel, now 19, has the additional “problem” of being very petite–5’2″ and 90 lbs. She has no bust to speak of and finding anything off the rack that is pretty is out of the question. Hurray for sewing. Now, if only there were a good fabric store within a reasonable distance (closest is Darrell Thomas in Ottawa). The dress is classy and I only wish we could see your daughter in it.

  • Liz

    that is really lovely, I wish my sewing skills were better. I may give this a try.

  • Wow, this dress is beautiful!!! If i saw it in the store I would definitely want it. Great job! Great site & blog, too.

    Lesley byporchlight.blogspot.com

  • KellyLynn

    I love this dress! I am also a bit jealous that your daughter allows you to sew clothes for her. While she used to wear my creations with pride, my 14-year-old now won’t even let me discuss making her anything.

    I miss the days when a recycled-yarn pullover or a cheery sundress would put a light in her eyes. I can only hope that, one of these days, she’ll remember the fun we had putting together outfits no one else could have and will start exploring her own clothing creativity.