Bad Seed


No, this isn’t the mean sweater; this is the easily influenced cohort. I’ll have to crack the whip on those little renegades.

In other news, the Bear Claw Blanket pattern is now available on Patterfish. At least something’s going well!

  • mindy

    Oh, you’re such a tease…

  • Alison P

    The blanket is beautiful, Veronik. Congratulations.

  • I love the Bear Claw blanket because it looks quilted but it’s not. I also like it because it appears to be reversible (is it?)

    But what I really want to know is if there are 10 billion ends to weave in the blanket!

  • Thanks for the Bday wishes!

    Too bad about the sweater. And the Bear Claw blanket has been on my mental to knit list for quite a while. I love good garter stitch.