Colour Options for League

Colour Options for League

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A couple of days ago, Ginger posted on Instagram that she was trying to figure out a colour scheme for League. League, in case you don’t know it, is a pullover design from the most recent Brooklyn Tweed collection. It’s a colour block design which utilizes just a little intarsia; I know that intarsia isn’t many knitters’ favourite technique, so I kept it to just the shoulders. The rest of the blocking depends on seaming.

As a blogger with a permanent writer’s block, I welcome any post inspiration, so I was happy to draw up a set of ideas. The top row features three colours as in the pattern, but I think that it can be a successful design using two colours as well. I do wonder about one thing, though – how many of you have access to a vector creation tool? Would it be helpful to be able to download a file of the above image so as to test out your own colour combinations?

  • Ahhh, it’s so cool to see all these! Love the soot/woodsmoke/cast iron combo, as well as the green one. Thank you for taking the time to write up this post!

    • Veronik

      Thanks, Ginger! And thank you for giving me an idea for a post.

  • Albert

    Nice work on the pattern; it was one of my favorites in the BT collection. I am pretty sure it is next in my wife’s knitting queue, but that could change without warning.

    Regarding a vector graphics, Inkscape ( is an open-source free editor for vector graphics that could be used to try different color combinations.

    • Veronik

      Thank you for reminding me about inkscape, Albert. I’m also glad that it was one of your favourites.

  • Alix (Albert’s Wife)

    I would really love to have a file to download with the image above to try some color combos – I’m already thinking of things in my head. I sure hope my husband will help me mockup some ideas!

    • Veronik

      And it’s done! You’ll find a link to download the pdf in today’s post.