Corcovado – the sequel


I finished this cardigan back in December, but ended up wearing it so much around the house that it needed to be blocked once more for photographs. Here are the details at last.


Pattern: Corcovado by Carol Feller

Yarn: Briggs & Little Softspun (black)/Briggs & Little Regal (Dark Grey/Fir Green)

Modifications: Altered length for height and so as to add 2×2 ribbing on body and sleeves. Changed back to Softspun and 2×2 rib instead of working back neck extension. Also worked additional rows along centre front to fasten cardigan closed with a shawl pin (which I couldn’t find… used a stitch holder instead).

corcovado 2

I’m really running behind on updating this weblog with FO details. More to come.

  • Lyn

    Lovely, those are fabulous color choices!

  • meppybn

    Simply, elegantly gorgeous! I bet you DO wear it constantly!

  • As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I like this so much more than the magazine model. Shows how important it is to have an imagination and to see what a pattern might look like with a few changes. I’ve avoided the Briggs and Little Softspun because I don’t like the colours, but the mixing of the Softspun black with the beautiful colours of the Regal is a great solution!

  • Ali P

    Thats why i haven’t indulged in the Soft Spun as well…the colours are not great considering the palette they could come up with. I am a huge fan of the regal/heritage/tuffy colours and am thinking of a colour scheme for an Istex Lopi reinterpretation.
    Veronik, I LOVE your work on this sweater. BRAVO!