I wouldn’t say Halloween is a huge deal in our house, but that’s only in comparison to folks who really go all out – we do enjoy the whole costuming bit very much. I used to make them all from scratch when Oona was little (the exception was her first – we were out of town so I painted a city skyline on her onesie to accompany her “Godzilla” slippers).

Sadly, personal knitting wasn’t the whole thing to be tossed aside as my knitting ‘career’ grew (sounds funny, doesn’t it?) and I started to recycle by transforming garment into costumes. Munchkin was quite considerate in asking for cape based costumes for the last couple of years (skirts transform into capes very quickly), but I was not to be left off the hook this year: miss wants to be a vengeful murdered bride. I worried. Where would we find an affordable wedding dress? I can barely handle my email, never mind a *wedding dress*. And, no – I don’t think she would have gone for “elegant-minimalist-vengeful-murdered-bride”. She may be nearly as big as I am, but she still wants everything pouffy and shiny.

Well, she certainly has her wish: we have lucked out with the ghastliest confection I have seen in a long time. It would make M.A.’s museum of vintage horrors proud, don’t you think? While we waited in line to pay for our treasure, a couple of nice ladies reassured me that the blood stains would come out (yes, really) and that I’d be beautiful in it (gah!). I didn’t have the heart to tell them I’d soon be destroying it.

Anyhow – step one is complete; the dress now fits Oona (kid’s so tall that I hardly had to take anything off. But that’s another story). I’ll post more pictures once the costume is completed.

By the way, are there any Canadian things that are sought after in the States? I know some smuggle peanut butter and I’ve been told that Cadbury candy bars and maple syrup cookies are worth considering (apart from the ubiquitous smoked meat and bagels), but is there anything else? And is it all edible stuff?

  • Cher

    “And is it all edible stuff?”

    Certainly that’s what I remember from my one (sadly, brief) trip to Toronto. The candy…mmm, the candy. And the beer was pretty good too, as I recall.

  • Aero Bars. Those were always my favorite to bring in large quantity back to the states. Especially the mint ones…

  • My Canadian friend really misses Smarties (M&Ms basically).

    Can’t wait to see the vengeful murdered bride costume. That is really a unique choice, I wonder how she came up with that? 😉 Lucky girl to have a former costume designer and current knitwear designer as a mother. I had to settle for a plastic Ewoks mask for my Halloweens growing up.

  • Kinder Surprise eggs. They don’t sell them in the States. Which, come to think of it, explains a lot. 🙂

  • As a Canadian living in America there are many things I miss. In no particular order:

    ketchup chips, all-dressed chips, any cadbury chocolate, nanaimo bars, butter tarts, jos louis, ah caramels, poutine (although it’s not really portable, and only conisdered edible by Canadians), chocolate bars (crunchie, crispy crunch, mr. big, sweet marie, coffee crisp), and many more things.

    I need to stop or I will get to hungry for my home junk food 🙂

  • That’s great – thanks! I heeded your suggestions and I’m bringing my friend all kinds of sweet stuff. I hope her kids don’t get too hyped up on sugar…

  • One fantastic treat I could not live without is “Map O’ Spread” usually found in the peanut butter and jam isle. Also, look for “Salty Cheese” it is a cheese soaked in salty brine. It comes in a jar, and is usually found near the deli along with the cheese curds. A must try.

  • I love both lipsyl lipbalm and strepsyl cough drops–hard to find in the US and expensive. Now you can buy that certain UVA/UVB blocking sunblock in the US, but it’s still more available in Canada. Actually, anything from the house brand of Shoppers Drug Mart is pretty good. Almost as good as Boots stuff from the UK!