Knitting Ninja

knitting ninja
I burst out laughing when I opened this on Christmas morning – my manga obsessed 15 year old created this for me as a gift. She also made her father a t-shirt with an image of a samurai, and baked her heart out for every member of the family.

I’ve also posted a close up on my flickr stream. Should I put the kid to work so that we have a knitting ninja calendar in 2013?

  • Raelene

    Yes!!!! I would so buy one of those – even pay to get it shipped all the way to NZ!

  • Yes! And give her some of your line of yarn … maybe it’ll get incorporated into the artwork.

  • You are lucky parents to receive such wonderful handmade gifts – she has a great eye! Oh, yes, I would buy one.

  • Très drôle!!

  • Ali P

    Oh that girl has talent!!! She must take after her Aunty Alison, who is no relation at all.LOL xxxooo

  • That is truly wonderful.

  • That’s awesome!

  • Very amusing. We have a page from a graphic novel framed in our house, courtesy of my daughter. Similar import, but a bit more serious. I love this humorous take.

  • OMg… super awesome. Your girl can draw.

  • Emmie

    Definitely! but be forewarned: at that age, I pressed my daughters into service making miniloaves for holiday gifts, and have forever been scolded at any holiday timenabout the “banana bread sweatshop”!