Much better, thanks


Sorry to have been such a tease last weekend – but it *was* one of those weekends. I’m used to ripping all the time, but this was a bit much… even for me.

I finished Princess’ new sweater last week and decided to cast on for mittens next. I drew a quick chart on friday afternoon in Stitch Painter, printed it out and headed home.

That night, I cast on. I was going to double the ribbing for a more substantial effect, but decided halfway through to line it instead. I had used a provisional cast on, so this wasn’t anything to fret over.

Once I had started the body of the mitten, my troubles began:
1. Planned on an anatomical thumb, placed a little off the side. Knit a few inches. Didn’t like it. Rrrrip.
2. Maintained the shaped gusset, keeping it at the side seam. Found it messy looking. Rrrrip.
3. Had planned on using waste yarn but had one of those forehead smacking moments; I had originally charted a palm with patterning on every row. Since the front of the mitten did not have strand on all rows, I inserted little crosses in the center of each motif. But I found it too flowery, so I changed the patterning on the palm. Rrrrip.
4. Worked only three repeats along the front and framed them with white stitches. Nope, didn’t like that either. Rrrrip.

I’m finally happy. But I have to hurry up and finish the second one!