Odds & Ends


I was working on this project a couple weeks ago and, being a garment worked with steeks, it looked odd enough for my sister in law to remark upon it. I explained that I intended to cut it open and… let’s just say that I wish another knitter had been around to hear the gasps of horror!

Anyhow. Last week, the time came to reinforce the steeks. This particular project was knit out of a very yummy blend just slippery enough to require the aid of a sewing machine. I know that a lot of knitters are afraid of both cutting their knits and machine sewing them, but there really is nothing to be afraid of. First, if you’re at all fearful of both cutting and sewing knitwear, do purchase second-hand knitwear to practice on. You’ll gain much confidence and will only have wasted a few dollars.

I’m also a big believer in using a paper backing when sewing a steek n the machine. I use anything handy for this, but my preference is for tissue paper. Or, it was – I was hunting for some last week when I happened upon a roll of crepe ribbon and I think it may be my new favorite:

Set your machine to a 2 mm stitch length and that’s it!

I have to run again – while I did manage to kick some knitwear up to the UPS man, there are still more deadlines to meet. I am working through the backlog of email as well, little by little. And there’s also that slide show to finish before I head to Toronto next week; if any of you are at the DKC meet on the 16th, please come up and say ‘hi!’.