Reader Question Thursday


My right shoulder is killing me, so there’s been very little knitting done this week. But! I’m a little behind on email, so I’ll answer a couple of questions…

Kika asks: “I wonder if you could share the source for lettering of Colette Cat Quote please (or maybe post the chart if I’m not asking too much … )? And what would it be in French?”

here’s the chart for the quote in the hem – I didn’t make up a chart for the french version (Il n’y a pas de chat ordinaire), but it’s very easy using software like stitch painter. All I had to do was select my sentence in any text editing app in the correct point (10 pt will render a font 10 rows high, for example) and paste it into SP using ‘edit>paste special’.

Mary asks: Do you have anymore refinements to Silver Streak? Thanks again for the notes about shortening it, but did you mention something about adding a buttonhole in a previous post?

I did… and I promise I’ll get to it very soon. In the meantime, you can prepare for it as follows (insert this into the right front, just before the neckline bind off):

AT THE SAME TIME, when front band measures 18 ½(19 ¼, 20, 21 ¼)”, prepare buttonhole and shape neckline (RS): slip 2 sts without knitting them, k3 using waste yarn in a contrasting color, slip 3 sts, k3 in waste yarn (do not anchor ends of waste yarn). Slip all sts back to left needle and continue with main yarn. Work 3 rows in pattern. Bind off 13 sts at neck edge once…

Later, you’ll remove the waste yarn and graft the stitches together using kitchener stitch. It’s a little fiddly, but I think it’s worth it.

Rachel asks: I also love the wrap. Do you have any suggestions for other yarns that would be suitable? Worsted, chunky, fibers, etc?!

AV Natasha is aran weight and contains about 1800 yards a kilo (it drives me a little crazy to mix imperial and metric measurements this way, but that’s another story), so look for a yarn containing about 90 yds per 50 g ball. Something with a little halo’s nice, but not necessary.

Karma asks: It looks lovely on the model but I think I would like it to be a bit more fitted for my shape. Any thoughts?

I didn’t measure Genevieve, but I think there’s about 3-4 inches of ease there. You best bet to figure out ahead of time which size will looks best is to measure something which fits you well. If you don’t own something similar, try some on in a shop – when you find something you like, measure it across the back directly under the armholes and double that measurement.

And this isn’t strictly a reader question, but Jennie asked how Muswell turned out so here he is. Now, what do all think: should he remain ‘Muswell the featureless cat’ or should I add some eyes and whiskers?