Saga of the 262

After  I took the vintage machine for their little airing, my friend remarked positively on the Pfaff. That little compliment along with having sewn curtains for Monique a few weeks ago did it – it was high time to get old 262 going again.

(in case you’re wondering: sewing curtains on the other machines is fine, but it feels like I’m pushing it too hard when I sew at maximum speed for a certain length of time. The Pfaff 238 must have spoiled me, as it was such a beast. The 262 isn’t as strong, but still has a 1.12 amp motor which will fare better with curtains and denim than the Janome’s 0.7 amp motor.)

Anyhow, try as I might, the 262 does not want to be reasoned with – it only wants to do a zigzag. Since opening her up, I’ve joined a couple of groups of vintage sewing machine enthusiasts and created the video above so that they could weigh in as to what the problem might be.

I apologize to those of you who have no interest in sewing and/or vintage machines – I’ll be back on track soon. In any case, all my knitting is secret at the moment so I wouldn’t have anything to tell you about even if I wasn’t so enthralled with gears.


  • I have that same machine PFAFF. My mother gave it to me. And she goes so fine! I love it.

  • Veronik,

    When I saw in the BT lookbook that you had done the hair and makeup in the photos and read that you had joined the design team there (your sweaters are gorgeous as usual!), I had an inkling that big changes were happening for you. I also wondered if maybe, as a result, St-Denis Yarns would be no more and was sad to learn on Ravelry that that was true. Your colours are fantastic and the quality of the yarn is wonderful. I will miss your beautiful yarn and have placed an order for old time’s sake and will enjoy every stitch.

    Good luck in your new adventures!