Soft Linen

A little bird told me she was having a hard time finding Reynolds Soft Linen; not to worry – I didn’t hallucinate… it’s just that it’s a brand new yarn. It’ll be available really soon.

Good thing IK posted such a pretty picture because I once again forgot my camera at home. I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures and possibly a tubular cast on how to. If I remember that camera!

  • I wanted to say how much I love your designs, and once again I will be making one of them.

  • I love this cardigan and I am dropping everything to knit it!! But I’m running into a problem with row 2 of the lace pattern. It reads: *P1, yo, p2tog; repeat from * to last st, p1. I’m knitting the 36 1/4 size and with 51 sts for the sleeve the numbers aren’t working. I’ve contacted IK, but no response, can you help a knitter out?

  • I don’t have my copy of the magazine yet so I have to go by my unedited version. So, here goes: 51 includes 2 selvedge sts as well as the repeat of 3sts+1 so do add up. I found it helpful when increasing to keep the patterned section between markers and to move the markers outward towards the selvedges only when there were enough new stitches to include in the pattern.

    That sounds pretty convoluted.. I’ll try my best to take pictures and blog about that later this week…

  • Bex

    I love this cardigan so much! But i cant find the yarn anywhere!! (Plus i’m from Australia hehe). Could suggest a suitable alternative or provide the gauge for the Linen Soft? (i have the mag already) Was the cardigan knitted at a looser tension than required? I can see you used size 5 needles – does this mean the yarn is sport, or DK? (please say DK hahahaha!)….

    I’m sorry for all the questions, but i’ve googled ‘Linen Soft’ and cant find anything! Thanks so much!

  • Bex

    ohh, scrap that – i’ve found this

    sorry for your trouble! (and it is DK – w00t!)

  • I just wanted to thank you for yet another brilliant pattern, Veronik. Your designs were an important attraction when I first began to knit two autumns ago, and I continue to look forward to new ones each season!

  • Nik

    that cardigan is absolutely beautiful.

  • Rachel

    i’ve did the lace pattern for the gauge, and to my horror found that it looked nothing like the adorable lace on the sweater. i suspect it may have to do with my tension between the stitches being off. i’m making another little scrap of lace pattern, maybe i should take a photo of it.. i can’t figure out what is wrong, i’m sure i’m doing everything right, and keep re reading the pattern more carefully hoping i can find the glitch..

  • Rachel

    okay nevermind i think i have it now 🙂

  • Hi Veronik:

    So I need to know what the Joni Mitchell connection is with this sweater. I am a HUGE Joni fan. The IK blurb was a teaser.

    I love the pattern, thanks, sue

  • Thank you Sue! I was wondering the EXACT same thing! suchhh a teaser!

    ps- love love love love love this sweater! I just ordered cotlin in Key Lime from KnitPicks for it!

  • Marian

    This may be a dumb question, but here you go…
    I’ve just bound off the stitches for the armholes, and am ready to start decreasing in the lace pattern. Are you supposed to knit the first and last four stitches on the right side in stockinette, and then do the decreases on the wrong side? Or are the decreases supposed to happen on the right side? Also, do those four stitches include the selvedge edge stitch? I tried to look at the tutorial but I didn’t get it.

    Please help!

  • Ooh, this is so pretty. The color is perfect too.