lace ribbon
You wouldn’t know it from the size of the snowbank in front of my house, but spring is here.

I hope you like it. And if you feel so inclined to visit the shop, use ‘knittyspring08’ until the 31st in order to save 15%.

ETA: I can’t believe how many have cast on already! I have a tip for anyone who wants loose bind off edges: use the stem stitch method instead of the conventional bind off, taking care to keep your stitches far enough apart from one another. It’ll be a much better match to a loose long tail cast on.

  • CN

    WOW! What is that you are knitting? What are you knitting it with? Great site! Great projects! Great book!

  • I love the pattern. Its been a million years since I knit a scarf, but I have some handspun that seems ideal for your new pattern.

    thanks for the new knitting notification!

  • Josée

    The patterns in Knitty are great but this issue seems better than ever… especially with your pattern! I wonder how it would look in Handmaiden Silken… I can’t wait to try it!

  • Rebecca

    I LOVE this scarf! I am a huge fan of spring scarves, as Minnesota spring days tend to suddenly slap one about the neck and face with unnecessarily chilly breezes. I want one in black and one in hot pink and maybe one in lavender….

  • mindy

    Oh that is beautiful! I want to cast it on now now now… (and I happen to have tons of sock yarn from a certain someone thats just “dyeing” to be used)

  • I believe that this is going to be my first Knitty project ever!
    It is so beautiful; I have a hank of Malabrigo laceweight, and can’t wait to see the effect!!!

  • I LOVE your new scarf pattern in Knitty, it’s gorgeous, and looks so wearable! It’s in my queue on Ravelry, for sure….

  • That’s a beautiful scarf, Veronik.

  • This is DEFINITELY one I want to make. (Geez, I’ve got a lot of your stuff in my queue!) I’ve been eyeing those wallpaper mittens too, so thanks for the shop code! I might just get them! 🙂

  • It was immediately added to my queue. Absolutely gorgeous. And I am a total Sartorialist fan – I totally agree with what you wrote. So chic.

  • Truly gorgeous. Saw it on Knitty. I am familiar with the Sartorialist. I’ll be making one of these – for sure. Good work.

  • wow, what a beautiful scarf pattern you have created! I just had to come over and congratulate you! I think I’m going to have to cast on for this….

  • V, this is truly lovely. Too bad I won’t be able to knit one of my own, as my brain has completely short-circuited. (If anyone wishes to make one for me, just drop me a line. Thank you.)

  • I love the design of the scarf and it´s really nice to make! Thankyou for a great pattern!

  • Wow, the scarf is gorgeous, and so is the model! I am a freelance casting associate for commercials and think that Isabella Geddes is outrageously beautiful! I bet she is quite photogenic too. Does she do any acting?

  • your pattern is lovely. i need to find yarn for this. i haven’t wanted to knit a scarf in a looong time.

  • Ali P in the Qc

    It was the one Spring Knitty pattern that I went “ACK! Total gorgessity!!” and I hope to cast it on soon.