I’ve mentioned before that I was busy writing a new book, but what I haven’t brought up before is that I’ve also been very busy working for one particular yarn company. Which yarn company, you ask?


36 colors. A bi-annual magazine featuring designs from some of the best talent in the industry. I’ve got a lot to do today, but I’ll be back with more about it very soon. In the meantime, I think Carol‘s got something to add…

  • patty

    If I could just say, make wide range of sizes. It will help to sell more copies of your venture.


  • Oh how exciting!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really looking forward to it. I hope you can tease us with more posts and pics. 🙂

  • Naomi

    Veronik! This is wonderful! I’m so excited for you and cannot wait to see the final product!

  • Congrats, Veronik! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything!

  • indigirl

    Oh, many congratulations Veronik! I can’t wait to hear more!

  • This is amazing news. Congratulations!

  • Ida

    Congrats on your new ventures.

    As for your book, I’ve been reviewing lots of new fiber-related books for both my personal blog, Knit-a-While, and for my zine Knitting Purls. Readers have echoed the desire for patterns that go beyond size 44 or 48. And, if you have any input on the book’s binding, please request that it lies flat.

    Again, congratulations!

  • Sweet Jesus… there goes my savings acct.

    congrats! And, as a *ahem* 52 inch bust, yes… think of the ‘bigger gals’ when you publish… we will love you for it.

  • Fabulous! The book, yarn amazing!!! Congratulations

  • Molly

    (Linked from Carol)

    Awesome! I am excited to see the yarns and the first magazine. I bet they’ll be fab!

  • tracey

    Wow! Just when I decided to knit from stash only. There goes that resolution out the window!

  • What wonderful news! Bonne Chance!

  • Wow, awesome! I can’t wait, your yarn is sure to be classy and wearable!

  • oh wow, CONGRATULATIONS!! I can’t wait to try out the new yarns. Good luck!!!

  • Kim

    Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to try out the new yarns. I’ll echo Patty’s comment and cross my fingers for more sizes. My only frustration with your last book was that the garments stopped just before my size!

  • Yay!!!!!!!!! (hey- just so you know, you know have a goat sort of named for you- she was born today)

  • kat

    oh that is exciting!

  • What can be better—VA patterns made with VA yarn!! Congrats!

  • Susanne

    Congratulatons! That is such great news. I sure hope you keep us updated on this new venture…looking forward to hearing more.

  • At last. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing every possible use of this luscious, precious yarn.

  • Gina

    Can’t wait!!! Best Wishes!!

  • Lia

    Looks lovely! I’ll be pestering my LYS manager to get some in the shop.

  • papa

    This is ‘merveilleux’. I am sure it will be a success. Congrats. xxx

  • Charlotte

    OK; you’ve got me already! I’ve been sneak-reading Knitting Classic Style in yarn shops and when it was sold out, in bookstores, and finally ordered it from my local library statewide loan service. But, couldn’t wait the weeks it was taking to get here, so I bought IT! It isn’t that I don’t want to support authors–I do–but I have just too little space and too little money along with elegant yarn tastes. But I love Knitting Classic Style (your style) so I’m in for all: Book Yarn Magazine. I can’t wait. Hooray for you!

  • Wow! Congrats! I see you’re on the path to (knitting) world domination. Can’t wait to see all the fruits of your labor. I love everything you do; so I can’t wait to see your magazine, yarn, and book.

  • Genevieve

    Congratulations on the book and the yarn line. Can not wait for them!

  • linda

    Bravo – I do believe you’re one of the few designers that is capable of success in this undertaking. Best of luck! Two suggestions: (1) go ‘backwards’ & link your “new” yarns to your “older/existing” patterns where possible, and (2) remember those non-wool knitters (like me) in your endeavour. Cheers, L.

  • Eeeeexcellent! Looking forward to seeing the yarns, the designs, the whole shebang!