Thank You


Thank you all so much for your kind thougths and comments following my last post; it’s meant a lot to me to read them. We’ve done ok since – we think of her often but life is going on.

In the meantime, I’ve been hard at work on a couple of long term projects. There’s not much I can say about it for now, so that leaves me high and dry regarding blog topics. What do others do when blog block strikes? Much as I’d like to, I really don’t have anything personal on the needles and I’m guessing that most won’t be exactly fascinated by my quest for the perfect loaf of whole grain bread…

Ah – there is one thing: I really, really feel like sewing again and even ordered a book from yesasia. I don’t know if I’ll actually have time to sew anything but at least I played with my half scale dress form: what’s pictured here is a ‘toile’; it isn’t draped but is actually a mock up in inexpensive fabric of a pattern. The pattern in question will be knit, but this little exercise allowed me to refine the neckline and visualize the bands. I had thought I’d make it slightly a-line but decided against it in favor of a slightly indented waist and side slits.

So, that’s my story for today. If anyone has ideas on how to break blogger’s block, please leave me a note in the comments.