Back to school

That was way too short – I’d like to extend my most insincere thanks to the English Mtl school board, who saw fit to call the kids back to school today. I *should* be wandering around New England right now, not shuffling around the house in my sweatpants.

That being said, we did have a great time. Saw some friends, met new ones, had an awesome lobster meal by the ocean, wandered around Portland, visited a museum, shopped, bought new books, walked on the beach, visited yarn stores, etc, etc…

Not bad for 4 days away.

While Princess’ vacation has been cut short, mine isn’t quite over. But I will take a break from watching SATC (season 6, part 2) long enough to blog about a shorter Silver Streak and how to add a buttonhole. Tomorrow. Muswell is calling.