Best of Plans

776 skeleton

Looks kind of sad, doesn’t it? Let me retrace a bit.

Last weekend was filled with minor annoyances – a piece of software saw fit to warn me that my hard drive had ‘integrity errors’ (?), which led me down the rabbit hole of backing up, scanning, verifying, etc… After disk utility failed to find any problem’s with my drive’s integrity, I tried booting from a dvd in order to scan the drive further. No go. All the usual tricks failed and the mac restarted each and every time with its happy little chime.

It wasn’t the first thing that had gone wrong, so I decided some instant gratification was needed. I had a pattern for a cute top and just the right fabric, so set out to carefully cut out the pieces. I figured it would take no more than a couple of hours to serge it together (when I told my friend Ali P. the story, she said ‘uh oh’ at this point).

Uh oh was right. Good old Pfaff 776 was acting funny. It had done that lately, mainly seeming to change tension all by itself *midseam*. Further inspection revealed that the needle bar was loose, but I had no idea how to tighten it.

Went online in search of a service manual – found some (my serger is old – Marcel bought it for me when I was pregnant with Oona), but the first few were either photocopies which had to had to be physically mailed. Patience was a foreign word for me at this point so I kept looking until I finally found a pdf and bought it.

I then waited for 15 minutes, hitting ‘get mail’ countless times. Nothing. Fed up, I gave up and decided to do something I couldn’t possibly fail at: cook something.

The service manual arrived nearly 4 hours later. With its help, the machine was quickly dismantled and cleaned – you should have seen the amount of lint trapped within its housing (I though it was clean). Figured out how to adjust and tighten the needle bar, checked the other settings and put the whole thing back together.

The good news is, it now sews very nicely. Bad news? Adobe Acrobat decided to give me a hard time today and make everything fuzzy. Keep me in your thoughts.