corcovado progress

Lyn and Kelly guessed correctly – I am indeed knitting Carol Feller‘s Corcovado from the last Twist Collective. It’s a nice break to knit someone else’s pattern!

While I do appreciate the freedom of following a pattern, I pretty much never knit any pattern as written. First of all, I can’t – as I discussed the other day, most patterns are written for someone measuring about 5’6″ to 5’7″. I am not exceedingly short (5’3″ *and* 3/4″), but clothing is generally just a little too long. The first thing I do is study the schematic.

Doing so, I first saw that the body length for Corcovado is 22″ for all sizes. Adding the armhole depth and shoulder shaping results in over 30″ overall length – which means the hem would hit mid-thigh. A good 4″ would have to come off. But here’s where the style preference comes in – I’d rather have a nice, deep ribbing at the bottom. 3″ sounds about right – a total of 7″ would have to be lopped off.

corcovado progress2

It was a piece of cake applying that change to the front – I merely multiplied 7 by the sts-per-inch number and cast on that many fewer stitches (using a provisional method; you can’t see it here but I’ve grafted the cast-on edge to the back’s side seams. It’s nice and flat). The back required a few more calculations, but nothing too tricky – I’ve talked about it before and I can assure you that it gets easier each and every time. I intend on picking up stitches for the bottom band and knitting down, so cast-on the back with a provisional method as well.

corcovado progress3

One more thing worth noting – see how all the ends are on the bottom? I’d rather keep my shoulder edges nice and clean so began the left front with a wrong side row, thereby executing colour changes at the hem. It meant that my slip rows would also occur on the wrong side, but only entails working ‘sl1 wyib, p1’ instead of ‘k1, sl1 wyif’.

Oh, and Laura asked – the colours I used are softspun in black, and regal in ‘fir green’ and dark grey’.