Drafting The Schematic

Once I’ve drawn a sketch, I can begin drafting the shape – I use Garment Designer (GD), from Cochenille Studio. The general requirements are selected through menus at the top, and each garment shape can be further refined through toggle points – I highlighted the sleeve’s side seams to show these above.

Sometimes it is necessary to use menus in a roundabout manner – in the sleeve above, you can see that the only toggle points available are situated at the wrist and bicep line. I  would like my sleeve to be shaped differently but as I cannot add points, I’ll select a different silhouette:

There are still only two sets of points, but these now allow for modifiable curves.

Once the sleeve shape was modified to my taste, I made a few more changes – changed the neck group to ‘shawl’, lengthened the body and straightened the hem line. It should be noted that GD can print out full size patterns, which is why the hem was curved in the first place. If this was a sewing pattern, I would have wanted to retain the curved hem.

Now that the schematic draft is complete, it needs to be exported to Stitch Painter for further edits. It isn’t necessary to own Stitch Painter to use GD, but I like to make full body charts. To do so, I need to input the gauge of my knitting into GD. Because there are several steps involved, I recorded the procedure.

[qt:https://veronikavery.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Voila_Capture49.mov 535 400]

(I realize that this is a pretty small file, so please follow this link if you’d like to see a a larger version)

This process is repeated for every shape, and the resulting files are combined in Stitch Painter. There’s more to do here, but I’ll leave the rest for another day.