I have lots of little news, but no time to write much about them in detail…

I actually finished something for myself! The pullover version of enid has been on the needles since February, but work knitting delayed its completion. I’m wearing it now, although it isn’t technically done and there’s still a hem to be added.

I’m also working on a pair of socks for my father in law and I’m pretty happy with them. He’s a fairly tall man, so I’m knitting them toe up but without using short rows as I prefer a traditional heel.

The front staircase is coming along well and no longer looks like the passageway to illicit activity – the upper half of the wall has been repaired and painted (the lower half is covered with the original anaglypta), and the steps have been stripped, stained and varnished. It smells like the devil in here.

Finally: first they called me Vnik, then Véronik but Amazon finally spelled my name right. Be still my beating heart: it’s at the printers!