As you no doubt surmised from my last post, the second issue of St-Denis magazine is now available. I was very fortunate that Pam, Kat, Jared, Laura, Melissa, Jennifer, Robin and Carol agreed to contribute designs to the issue. I uploaded photographs and details on Ravelry a few days ago.


When Jared mailed me the juneberry triangle, he mentioned that he’d like to see it knit up out of my new yarn, the fashionably late Boreale. That sounded like a plan so when a case of startitis hit a couple of ¬†weeks ago, I grabbed some yarn and got started.

The original is 48″ wide and 23″ deep – I wear shawls more like scarves and like to drape them, so decided to make mine larger. As it is knit from the top, the only change I really had to make was to keep knitting until it was about 12″ shorter than my desired depth. I didn’t even change the needle size!


The only thing slightly tricky about enlarging this pattern is that all 8 rows of the second chart must be knit before beginning the 3rd chart, as these are designed to flow from one to the other. As these represent 8 increases per repeat and the 3rd chart contains a 14 -st repeat, I couldn’t follow the pattern exactly as charted with all of these additional stitches. But that is easily remedied – chart 2 is worked over 7 sts and chart 3 and 4 over 14 sts so I only needed to delineate where to begin and end the repeats while working the edge sts in pattern as much as I could. The edge stitches ended up a little wonky and not quite symmetrical, but that doesn’t bother me.

BTW: I’m planning on being In Toronto for Knitter’s Frolic on May 8th – please drop by booth #40! I’ll have lots of magazines and books on hand as well as samples from both issues and from the book.