KCS – Fashion Mavens

One of my favorite things about Ravelry is the ability to see projects from books – I’ve been known to hesitate before purchasing a book because I didn’t know whether I’d like the projects enough to knit at least one (never mind that I rarely have time to knit for leisure; I buy new books regardless). So, I’ve uploaded photographs from my book(!) to it.
Not everyone’s on Ravelry, though. So for those who aren’t, here’s a gallery of Knitting Classic Style‘s first chapter, Fashion Mavens. And click on the thumbnails to check out my newly installed WP toy…

Reynolds SaucyLana Gatto VIPMuench TessinAdrienne Vittadini CeliaAdrienne Vittadini AllegraGrignasco CashmereReynolds Odyssey

Galleries for the other chapters will follow… soon. Really. (Edited to add: all done! Check out the sidebar for a full preview)