Most of my non secret knitting is of the boring variety – like many, I keep a sock on the go in my purse*. Apart from that, personal knits aren’t usually allowed; I’m afraid that I’ll lack the discipline to work knit if there’s an alluring project calling my name. But last night, I was in a rebellious mood and cast on a private project: Muswell by my friend Jennie Eveleigh Lamond. Pictures will follow when there’s something worth photographing.

Apart from that, I’ve been told thee book is shipping. But is it? Mars ordered a copy back in June from (no dot ca; we know it takes longer for the Canadians to get books)and it still hasn’t shipped: it hasn’t even moved past the ‘open order’ stage yet. Does anyone have an actual physical copy?

*takes me forever to finish a pair, though: Mars wears a 12 and I almost work at home. Since I only work on these while away from home or work, it takes the time it takes.