I can’t think straight today. Ever have one of those days when you’re so out of it, writing the simplest sentence takes all your focus? Honestly, I’ve been staring at this screen gap mouthed for the past 5 minutes…

I’ll make an effort to make a bit of sense, now.

So. I really wanted to show off the shoulder for the Notre Dame de Grace pullover. I had a bit of fun with it, because I meant for the NDG sweater to be a simple, casual sweater and so decided to use an exposed three needle bind off. I worked a couple of short rows, not bothering to hide the wrap since it was garter stitch. It looked pretty, so those stitches went and parked on their holder.

I moved on to the other side. It looked fine, but it didn’t match (I just realized that I could just take a picture of the wrong side instead of launching into a boring explanation of how it looked. See? Totally spaced out.). Thankfully, I was a little more quick witted that day and was able to match the shoulders.

I find things like that so satisfying. It was the same with sewing – matching the pattern at the seams was always thrilling.

Incidentally, this swatch was knit in Cabana instead of Andean Alpaca Regal and the gauge is spot on. Just in case anybody out there questions the sanity of an alpaca sweater in a summer issue…