Playing with Colours

League Playground

League Playground

Following some comments and emails, I’ve cleaned up the vector file I used to test out colour combos:

Download ‘League Colours.pdf’

It is an acrobat pdf file, but I’ve saved it with the option to preserve vector editing. I don’t use inkscape, so I do not know if it can open pdf files. In Illustrator, you can try out colours by selecting a pullover section and using the eyedropper tool to select a colour from the library on the left.

Keep in mind that this palette is unidimensional while loft and shelter are comprised of many colours blended together. I’ve done my best to select colours that represent each shade well, but it is by no means perfect. But this is the palette that I use when working on upcoming designs.

Do let me know if this is something I should consider doing in the future whenever a pattern using multiple colours is released. It isn’t hard to do at all, and I’ll be happy to do it if found to be helpful.