Quick, quick


Quick, because I’m about to go on vacation!

-it’s official: the book is shipping; a trusted source has received her copy.
Mary, I will get around to those silver streak refinements, but anybody who wants to cast on immediately (you must have air conditioning, that’s all I have to say…) can start with the back or the sleeves. I’ll write up a little page about the grafted buttonhole and casting on for the front bands when I return. Making it shorter is also fairly straightforward.
Kim, yesterday’s bag is a sportsac: it’s a style called ‘every day deluxe bag’ and the pattern is named ‘pink lizard’. This particular pattern is discontinued, but I got mine off ebay.
-Isa, a lot of my older patterns are still available: there are some in IK back issues, as well as both of Melanie Falick’s most recent books. One of these days (yes, I’ve been saying that a lot), I’ll have an online portfolio.
Wannietta‘s got the right idea; I think the next sock recipient will be chosen according to foot size. I guess that means the toddlers will be getting new socks soon.

And yes, Muswell will get another ear. I was so impatient to see his little head take shape, that I had to sew it on right away.