Silver Streak


I’m not kidding: I’m going to write a real post of of these days. In the meantime…

I have a design in the new Vogue; I took some photos of it before sending it off, which can be found here. The pattern itself is available for free! there. I know it’s little hot out to consider making it, but I’ve got a couple of little refinements to add if anyone is interested.

I’m now on Ravelry. My username is Veronik.

Since I only have one book signing scheduled thus far, it seems a little presumptuous to set up a ‘Tour’ page. But I’ll be at Stitches East and I’m very excited! Details to follow…

Princess can hardly believe it, but I’m knitting her a new sweater – the first one since she lost the Debbie Bliss gansey from How to Knit’ in 2000. It’s based on one she models in the book, but I’ll probably be making changes to it. A poll may be needed, as I can’t seem to make up my mind on a couple of things.