Vero leaves again

oct contest2

We’ve been quite the traveling pair this year, Marcel and I – he went to Connecticut, then I went to Iceland, then he went to  Newfoundland, then I went to New Brunswick, then he went to Stratford and now I’m going to Rhinebeck. Which is why he ended up scribbling ‘vero leaves again’ on the kitchen calendar. But we’ll be staying put once I return… I think.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m off to Rhinebeck this Friday with Tara and blogless Kate-the-Enabler. I skipped it last year and while it really couldn’t be helped (it happened too soon after  the infernal renos), I really missed it – so I decided to celebrate with a  contest. It actually started a little while back when I started distributing these at KnitEast:

oct contest

As you can see, each has an unique number – I’ll be announcing the winner here on Oona’s birthday this upcoming November 2nd, so you’ll all have to check your numbers then if you aren’t a customer or a newsletter subscriber. Customers and newsletter subscribers may have more than one chance to win, as numbers will be assigned to each single purchase as well as to all subscribers. And of course, if one of you bumps into me in Rhinebeck and is already  entered via the newsletter, a ticket would provide an additonal chance to win.

So, what is the prize? Why, 16 skeins of the beautiful sommet in the colour or colours of your choice. Would you like 16 different colours? Done! What about 4 skeins each of 4 different colours? No problem!

Oh, and speaking of newsletter – I was recently asked how one signs up. There are two ways: you can either create an account and check the box to subscribe to the newsletter, or you can visit this page and add your email to the list. Either will work fine.

And with that, I’m off – I still have a few rows to add to my Rhinebeck cardigan and a bit of packing to do. Don’t forget to say hi if you see me!