Vote for Mo!

blue moon

Patternfish began rolling out its November newsletter this morning and you may have noticed I have a little something in there – it’s a sweater I made especially for my sister-in-law, Monique. You heard about Mo before – I showed her first project a few entries back (a bit of an overachiever, isn’t she?) – but this is the first time I’ve showed a picture of her on this blog. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Her sweater was initially to be named ‘Blue MOon Pullover’ – get it? Mo? But we feared it would just look like one giant screaming typo. Blue Moon it is, then.

Anyhow: I’m not sure how long voting will last, but you can see all the finalists right here. And, if you feel so inclined, vote for Mo!

Oh! And I’m still waiting for number 559 to get in touch with me – check your tickets, everyone! If I don’t hear by the 18th, I’ll pick a new number.